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Violet Hill Farm

Reviving Heritage Homesteading Traditions

Farm Babies...

New Babies pop up often on Violet Hill Farm. This spring our ducks are taking their turn at hatching. Mama started with 6 eggs and ended up with this one little duckling. She is a proud and fierce mama!

Into the incubator they go... Over 100 eggs went into the incubator mid-May. The eggs have begun to hatch and we have little chicks beginning to peep in their shells!

Baby turkeys,

or poults, have made Violet Hill their home to fatten up for Thanksgiving. You asked for heirloom breeds... these Bourbon Reds are a new venture.

These little piggies are two of the latest litter of four piglets - all white with black spots. We have been calling them our dalmation pigs! The coloring is some variation of the Large Black/Tamworth herd that we have and MY GOODNESS are they cute!!

 Rabbits are new to Violet Hill Farm this spring... We started with 9 does (girls), 1 buck (boy) and 9 baby bunnies. We now have well over 30 babies and still growing!