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Violet Hill Farm

Reviving Heritage Homesteading Traditions

The Farmers...

Mary met Paul, purely by accident, one cold Janauary market day on her search for bacon! A friendship formed. Following his open heart surgery, he needed help during lambing season, she a change of scenery. The rest, as they say, is history.

It was was standing in a moonlit snow at 3am, snuggling a new tiny lamb while Paul caught its mama that she felt like she'd come home.

"Farming feels right. Like waking up a primal instinct and reconnecting with the land, the animals and your self. It's an awesome privilege to raise good food for your own children and so many others in a way that makes you feel like you are doing right." Learning constantly and sharing the importance of the small farmer has become a mission.

She is a FarmHER originally from Chelmsford, Massachusetts and Rockland, Maine... and a mama to five wicked awesome humans from 2 to 19!

Paul... At 30, he was given the word cancer. Stage 4. He had young children and wasn't assured that he would be around to see them into adulthood. So he turned to farming and strived to find a diet for chickens that followed their natural feeding instincts, to end up with a good for you chicken. Not only did it turn out to be excellent for you but extrodinarily delicious! Belle Rouge (tm) chicken was born. The research and trials went into lamb and pigs and guinea hen. He created his dba, Violet Hill Farm. It had a goal and it became a success within the food community.

Instead of leaving a legacy, he survived and chose to stay in farming after what he had learned about the food industry and the food that we were allowing to into our bodies and those of our kids.

These days he is full time Daddy to the youngest 2 of the brood while Mary brings home the bacon... literally!